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NisargaSoft is a professionally managed IT Enabled Services company located at Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley” of India. We are the preferred provider of Enterprise Content Management Services to clients across multiple industries and markets around the globe such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Oil and Gas and many more...

Data is the soul of any business! In this fast changing digital world, where content showcases the essence of your business to the outer world, it is all the more important to give due attention to data quality.
Equally important is keeping the content up to date. Poor data quality makes the million dollars ERP and Business Intelligence software applications less efficient which in turn lead to wrong management decisions. The flexible process and a focused approach followed by us to cater to the needs of each of our customers, assures the best customer experience. Our professionally managed technology integrated customer centric solutions and services are sure to make our customers delighted.

We offer various data services like Data classification,Data cleansing,Data enrichment, Taxonomy development, Cross referencing,Vendor data management, Environmental compliance,Inventory management, Data Digitization and many more…

We at NisargaSoft, would like to join hands with you in enhancing the quality of your data as well as maintaining the content up to date, keeping in view the constantly changing market views and trends.
Thanks for visiting our website! We always wish to have a long term fruitful association with our clients and this has indeed spurred us and our clients to reach higher levels

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