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Customer Data Management - Convert customer data into customer intelligence

Customer data has become the central focus for most of the organizations.

Poor customer
Data quality is an issue for customer relationship management and marketing. Quality customer data is the key for direct marketing and competitive advantage can be gained by using these data better and more wisely. This is the process of consolidating and managing customer information from all sources and the goal is to achieve the true picture of the customer.

Customer data management process involves:

Data Profiling : Data is examined to know the structure, format and quality. Here the standards are also set for the data capture.
Data Cleansing : In this process incorrect contact details are corrected and duplicate records are removed
Data Classification : Customers are classified according to industry standards schemas like SIC, NAICS or custom schema
Data Enrichment : This is the process of collecting and completing the incomplete data. This data includes the details like the Revenue, Number of employees, Credit rating, Web address, Email address and others. Phone validation is done if required.

Key benefits:

Customer evaluation and pre-qualify prospects
Increased ROI
Improved customer service and increased response
Common identifier for invoices, payments and shipping
Provide better resources to best customers
Ensure legal compliance
Improved data quality, accuracy and eliminate duplication.

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