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Data Enrichment – Enhance the value of the information pool

Data enrichment is a value adding process, where external data from multiple sources is added to the existing data set to enhance the quality and richness of the data. This process provides more information of the product to the customer.

 Data Enrichment Process involves:

Attributes Development :

This process is also called as Schema development. Here Data experts having the core knowledge of the products respective to their Industry develop the attribute sets for each product which is complete, valid, consistent and unique.

Attribute Extraction :

Attributes are captured from different sources

Attribute Extraction :

Attributes are captured from different sources

Web Research :

Capture product information from manufacturer / vendor websites or catalogs. Part number validation is also involved in this process.

Hard / Soft Copy :

Capture product information from the hard or soft copy catalogs, pdf’s and other documents

Manual Sourcing :

Contact manufacturer / vendor to get the product information or high resolution images

Quality Check :

QC is done to reconfirm the accuracy of data in all stages and at the end of the process by data experts

We are able to generate descriptions which suit the database for its effective use and we also offer data sheet creation services.


“Data enrichment is a powerful tool for E-Productivity”


Benefits of Data Enrichment:

Complete, consistent & uniform product information
Enhanced data maximize data integrity and value
Enhanced spend visibility
Keeps data current and accurate
Improved employee productivity, reduced turnaround
Easy item search and identification

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