Data Quality

We shall just try to understand briefly about the quality issues with data, their root causes and the benefits of data enrichment. Just the presence of data does not help management to make proper decisions but the available data should be accurate and robust. Due to one or the other reason the data gets dirty. The data quality generally refer to the issues such as

  • Accuracy

  • Integrity

  • Cleanliness

  • Correctness

  • Completeness

  • Consistency

Dirty Data refers to data which is misleading, incorrect, incomplete, outdated, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors, formatting errors, data present in a wrong field and many more. These factors directly affect quality and listed below are few of the issue root cause factors

  • Typo errors

  • Integrity

  • Manipulations due to legacy product

  • Software applications and their behavior

  • Other human errors

In this revolutionary business world, there is huge amount of data with different categories which needs to be managed. It is really challenging for companies to track the sales progress of each product to make business decisions. In case of e-sales, the end user has to spend more time in searching the product which he intends to buy. These are some of the common problems which are faced by the companies with huge products base. Poor data quality makes the million dollars ERP and Business Intelligence software applications less efficient which in turn lead to wrong management decisions.

Regular data audits, data cleansing, data classification, data enrichment and related services help organizations to make better management decisions and achieve tangible results thus establishing a strong base for future growth. Some of the key benefits of our data services are:

  • Easy access to data

  • Effective and efficient data management

  • Relate business rules to data classes

  • Effective ERP and Business Intelligence Software applications implementation

  • Better customer satisfaction. Step-up the existing customer base and hence promote the product sales

  • In case of e-sales, less customer face to face interaction which in turn reduce the human interface mistakes. Also, avoids customers navigating from your website to other vendors website in order to get more information about the product

  • Reduce customer calls regarding the clarification of a product feature or related queries

  • Reduce resource and maintenance cost

  • Enhanced data quality

  • Helps management to take right decisions for future growth of the company

NisargaSoft give stupendous importance towards quality and time. We are the preferred provider of Enterprise Content Management Services to clients across multiple industries and markets around the globe such as Manufacturing, IT Products, Office Supplies, Life Sciences, Healthcare and many more... NisargaSoft is an integrated platform for data quality! Click here for a free data audit and to try out our services.

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