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Auditing data is a core task for every company as un-audited data puts business at Risk

NisargaSoft offers FREE data audit for all its new clients or prospects across the globe, which helps them to understand the fitness of the data is for the purpose

Data Auditing Process

Input data is analyzed by data experts to understand the structure and quality of the data.
Part number and description duplicates are identified and recorded
Inconsistencies / Errors / Inaccuracy in data is identified and recorded
Audit Reports

Regular data audits will provide an insight of the root cause for all the data issues and low sales when compared with their competitors

To add value to the free data audit, we randomly pick some samples from the input data and work on it to show our services and provide appropriate solutions to overcome all your data problems. Doing this will suggest a new and effective way to the manage data by proving the value of our services, which is tailored to your business success. This will also give a better idea about our services and its benefits

Procedure to request Data Audit

Requesting data audit is simple and easy. Just email us your project requirements to along with the details given below or fill up the enquiry form in the contact us page to have our data expert contact you

You can send a single category or all categories to analyze according to your comfort. Input should contain Manufacturer name and part number along with the short description of the products. Or you can just send 100 or 200 products with their Manufacturer name and part number along with the short description of the products if you want to tryout our services without auditing or analyzing data

For supplier or customer data audit please send us the company data along with your requirements. You can also request the sample data of our previous projects for your reference


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